Incendiary Salsa In the Park



Bamba and Pilon D'Azucar perform a free concert in Dawson Park.

We are pleased to announce an evening of electrifying salsa dance with Bamba y Su Pilon D’Azucar Band to celebrate live salsa music in the heart of North Portland. For the past 4 years Bamba y Su Pilon D’Azucar have been performing at the Summer Concert in the Park organized by the City of Portland whose mission is to bring cultural diversity to metropolitan area residents and, this year we are proud to bring salsa and Afro-Cuban cultural rhythms to the Dawson Park neighborhood. This sizzling salsa band is composed by extremely talented musicians who have studied in the best musical schools in Cuba, South and Central America and the United States. Every performance is infused with rhythm and flavor featuring the full range of popular and traditional Salsa, Son Cubano, Timba, and tropical styles as Cumbia, Merengue and Bachata. With music this contagious and pleasurable it is impossible to sit still and every year Bamba y Su Pilon D’Azucar draws thousands of people to its concert in the park. Band has the best lead singer in the region with vocalists Bamba Figueroa who leads the band with his beautiful voice and improvisation that keeps everyone dancing and interacting with the Band in the traditions of salsa bands. For Bamba, “I feel extremely happy that there exist so many people in Oregon and in special metropolitan Portland, who are interested in the music of my country and Latin America and this helps me create a beautiful performance that is fill with pure energy. Basically the music I sing comes from the deepest of my heart.” “This band has flavor and rhythm!” Come dance with us!

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