PDX People's Climate March




When: Sunday, September 21 Location: Gathering & music begins at 3pm at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park (park bowl just south of Hawthorne bridge @ SW Naito Parkway & SW Madison). Rally will begin shortly after gathering, followed by march. Event ends at park bowl at 6pm.

We need lots of volunteers for this event! Sign-up at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1G_7VbEZcLPHQ858Z_0rMdnsCrTVcO2s0gYGkhmHjYXk/viewform

This is an invitation to change everything. To change everything we need everybody.

A better world is within our reach: a world with an economy that works for people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.

Join us for the largest climate justice mobilization in history as people take it to the streets across the country and world on September 21, including here in Oregon. With our future on the line and the whole world watching, we’ll take a stand to bend the arc of history.

The time is now. Scientists say that action to save our planet in the next year and a half is critical to our survival. This September, World leaders are gathering in New York City for a UN summit on climate change. Across the country, from New York to Portland, OR, the People’s Climate March will show that we stand together, demanding a better world for ourselves and for generations to come.

This calls for unprecedented collaboration—that’s where you come in.

Join us in solidarity for the People’s Climate March in Portland.

To see growing list of organizations, congregations, unions, businesses & other groups endorsing this event: http://peoplesclimate.org/oregon/thanks-very-much-to-those-who-have-endorsed/

Media sponsor: KBOO 90.7FM

Affiliated with an organization, group, business, or institution? Endorse this event: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sCjV53zvC15331o98nONBT0JqcRaqz8rqLXwpY3RZ4M/viewform?usp=send_form

To make a donation to help cover the costs of the PDX People's Climate March: http://www.350pdx.org/donate

Volunteer sign-up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1G_7VbEZcLPHQ858Z_0rMdnsCrTVcO2s0gYGkhmHjYXk/viewform

For more information, email [email protected].