Why a Community Calendar & How it Works

Psst. Below this blurb there are three videos, if you’re into that kind of thing, they include:          
1) Kitchy promo vid          2)  User demo & Import Tutorial
3) Rad change-makers saying why this is a needed resource

Whatever your community:  aggregate, connect, collaborate & instigate action, with ActivateHub.

Hundreds of socio-political issues plague our world.  There are many barriers to effecting positive change:  apathy, political corruption, and inertia.  Screw the apathetic. The millions of people who care, and who want to make the world a better place, have no clear pathway for entering the world of social impact.  What currently exists requires too much time researching options online, signing petitions and commenting online - and too little time actually doing,  What currently exists in our communities requires commitment to one particular issue, group, or ideology - and then jumping on the related mailing lists, and planning your schedule around their volunteer opportunity.

There’s a better way.  Get involved in any issue,  doing whichever kind of activity sings to you, at whatever time best fits in your schedule.

Turns out:  this is an issue for communities beyond community-level social change.  So the ActivateHub platform is now being used in some cities to connnect and instigate involvement in the Makers Community in Oakland, for startups in Seattle,  for artists in Boulder,  for family events and university student groups in Portland.

All videos below are less than 2 minutes each.

First video is why a calendar website like this is needed:

The second video is a screencast demo of how to
work this calendar website, add and import events:


Third:  Rad people saying why this is a needed resource: