SaaS - Activate Your Personal Community or Business

Strengthening city-wide civic communities  - Connect and strengthen your community, too!

Ideal for any organization with multiple, independently run branches or affiliates. Examples include: coalition groups, business campuses, community interest groups, and universities. The platform aggregates from multiple sources, offering both a unified voice and support for individual groups.  The platform can stand-alone as a site dedicated for your community, or integrate with your existing organization website. A demo video is embedded beneath the price list.

For each White Label purchase, we donate a unique ActivateHub instance to another community of change-makers. Kinda like Tom’s Shoes.

Contact  to discuss your needs and payment options.

Lower promotional prices for organizations that serve their local communities, with an Annual budget under $150,000.


$83/month, with an initial set-up fee  of $5,000

Out of the Box ActivateHub with your logo instead of ours.

Includes one introductory seminar (live or Webinar) with participating organizations on linking calendars an optimal usage.

Site will automatically receive upgrades of  basic features and bug fixes.

Integration of future features offered at a reduced rate.

Limits – Maximum of 8 linked organizations, 20 events per month.


$143 / month, initial set-up fee of $8,000

Minimal aesthetic customization, includes logo and basic color scheme.

Includes three introductory Webinar dates with participating organizations.  Semi-annual webinar on new features.

Option to integrate most of our future features, free of charge.

Limits – Maximum of 20 linked organizations,  100 events per month


Rates Vary.  Please contact for a quote.

Considerations:  server costs vary based on amount of data.

Additional Options & Premium Features for Enterprise:

Customizable Aesthetics: seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic of your site.

Customizable time zone considerations.

Advertising:  Want an additional revenue source? Enable the site to accept ads or sponsorships.

Trainings:   Working with you and all the organizations under your umbrella to optimize use of the site.  Consultation on event promotion, integration of the ActivateHub platform with your existing site and internal operations and social media.

Premium Features:

*   CRM capabilities include tracking event attendance, outreach to potential new members, metrics on efficacy in instigating action

*   Enabling comments and uploads on event pages.  Upload agenda, speaker bios, feedback surveys, videos, photos, promotional materials on your site, and allow for conversations between event participants.

*   Collaboration tools for member organizations, event space reservation, community connections & discussion boards.

*   Development of your additional functions, per time and budget, when possible.