Web Development

Thanks for helping to build a community calender that helps you help other people and collectively help create Change in the World!  Yep, it takes a whole lot of helping each other out to make an impact.

Git Hub Repo

Small bugs & immediate issues are included in our Git Hub issue tracker, but longer term visions, additional feature stories, and most of our backlog stories are in the Pivotal  Tracker.

Setting up the Developer Environment

Current Priority Future Features include:
*   Enable comments on events.
*   Log-in should be required for creating events.
*   Basic log-in exists for editing, deleting, and admin, but would like to expand log-in options and improve UX.
*   Fix UI of  top navigation bar.
*  Limit event list to show a maximum of 5 events per day, with a “Show More” option to see full event list for the day
*  Same story as above has already been executed on the calendar view. However, option to “collapse” full day view should be implemented.
*  Fix tagging system. Enable both “Topic” and “Type” tags at every stage of import.  Currently, “Types” are not available on “Create Org” page.
*  Venue duplication:  can likely be mitigated in a similar manner as events – via “squash duplicates”.  Current method is to edit venue to display appropriately through Google maps API, but this does not enable future imports to display correctly.
*   Enable a view screen for past events, not just future.  Currently, can only view past events of an organization.
Marked up Screenshots can be found Here.
*Please note: as development is sporadic but continuous, some of the mark-ups on these screenshots may already be completed.  Issue trackers, however, are accurate and up-to-date.