Activate Your City!

Wish your city had a directory of all the events, organizations & people making an impact in your community?  You need a curator. Two, preferably.  What the heck does that mean? Details:

Curators: Road Map to Launch ActivateHub in Your City and

Officially” be ActivateHub Curator

Why Do This?

  • Because you want to impact in your community!

  • Support a wide variety of social, environmental, community and political issues

  • Network with, help the growth of, and support a wide variety of organizations.

  • Be “the face of” this cool new thing/site/movement that impacts a ton of people in your community.

  • Receive recognition via social media, the Activate site and likely in the media for your work.

  • Bringing something new to your community illustrates the desirable employee skills of initiative and innovation.

  • Thanks in large part to your efforts expanding the reach of this site, some day soon, we will receive funding, and you can get hired.

  • And lastly – because YOU wish all the interesting stuff in your town could easily be found in one filterable site and this will make YOUR life easier!

 So…. What do I Need to Do?

  • Requires a minimum of four hours a week. Of course, more than that is always welcomed and encouraged! A weekly Google Hangout is expect to last 1.5 hours. The other 2.5 hours is to add events, link calendars, add tags, and promote via social media.
  • Pre-meeting: watch our ActivateHub videos, gauge your own interest. Manually add one event. Set-up Gmail account for “ActivateCity @ gmail” Attempt to link one calendar.
  • First meeting: come with 5 public URLs, list of area 15 active NGOs, book store, maker-space, alternative event location…. Set-up organization training, import 5 sources, include 1 Meetup group.
  • Second Meeting: import 5 more sources. Tutorial on setting up fake FB account. Everyone creates one fake FB.
  • Third Meeting: Twitter – ActivateHub, Activate… city-specific? Made it to 3rd meeting! City logo. Access to Rails Admin, Twitter account. Minimums: check your FB events every other day, Tweet 3x per week.
  • Fourth Meeting: Verify that minimum 3 FB feeds, 5 calendar sources, for approximately 5 events per day. Yes? Then we can announce it’s live, add logo to our splash page, add you to our team page. Curate! Add tags.
  • Fifth: Reach to partner organizations & universities. Organizations already importing should be alerted. New target organizations contacted, told to add their own, given video tutorial on how to do so. Lindsay to send sample letter to forward to professors, and sample letter to send to organizations already on Activate, letter to send new potential organizations.
  • Sixth Meeting: Biz cards, stickers, fliers for event promotion. Mark Dilley’s promo snap shot. Embed codes.
  • Seventh Meeting: Refresh! Add each source (iCal feeds, Meetup, Event Brite, Plancast) Updates & users in each region, more FB people, Social Media Outreach (incl ideal Tweet, & FB post on event or organization page)
  • Eigth Meeting: Discuss multiple calendars? Outreach to partner organizations, presentations. Hackathon.