Anne Olivia2

Anne Olivia Eldred

Anne Olivia has spent the last 21 years dedicated to social justice and solidarity movements in the U.S. and internationally. She studied and worked in Spain, Mexico, El Salvador, Japan, and the United States on trade, economic development, electoral and social justice issues serving as an elections monitor, translating, organizing delegations to and from the U.S., recruiting and training staff and volunteers, and fundraising.  She has helped coordinating solidarity efforts with Turkey, England, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and the Philippines.  Anne Olivia received her degree from Portland State University, was a Carnegie Melon Fellow (Public Policy and International Affairs), and Studied in Barcelona at the Academy of Liberal Arts. She has worked in and with numerous non profits over the years, consulting, creating fundraising programs, and developing corporate and community partnerships. She is a proud aunt and dedicated to improving the world her nieces, nephews, and all children will grow up in.

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